Purified water is groundwater or tap water that has been processed to remove chemical impurities and make the water safer for consumption. There are a few different ways of doing this: reverse osmosis, distillation, or deionization. Our purified water goes through an 11-step process to remove 98.5% of properties and minerals found in unfiltered tap water, such as metals like lead and copper and therefore leaves purified water with a fresh, clean taste.


Alkaline water is drinking water that contains negatively charged ions. It’s found naturally in some springs in a few areas worldwide. It can also be produced through a process called electrolysis (also known as ionization), which adds alkaline minerals to traditional drinking water. Alkaline water typically contains a pH level of 8 or higher, which helps to balance our body’s natural pH levels.


Alkaline water typically has a pH balance of 8 or higher. By drinking it, you will provide your body with alkaline minerals to raise the pH and counteract acidic conditions. Many diseases and disorders stem from an acidic-alkaline imbalance in colloidal connective tissues. Alkaline water prevents the cellular stress that causes these conditions.


• It provides better, faster, and more efficient hydration.
• It can increase energy levels. The increased levels of oxygen in alkaline water can give you a nice little energy boost and help you fight fatigue. 

• Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant. The smaller size of the molecules allows them to carry out toxins more swiftly.


STEP 1 AG Pre-Filtration

STEP 2 Carbon Filtration 

STEP 3 Micron Pre- Filter

STEP 4 Reverse Osmosis Pump 

STEP 5 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

STEP 6 Storage 

STEP 7 Repressurized System

STEP 8 Pressured Tank 

STEP 9 Post- Carbon Filtration 

STEP 10 Ultraviolet Sterilizer 

STEP 11 Ozonator Added 

STEP 12 Optional Calcite Infusion 

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